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ULSD – Procuring and Storage Engine Filtration Truckload Carrier Resale – Onboard monitoring systems Best Practices:  Tricks of the Trade


Management Techniques

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ULSD-Procuring and Storage

As of October 15, 2006, at least 80 percent of a refiner’s on-road diesel fuel sold at retail sites needed to meet the 15 ppm standard needed for it to qualify as ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD). This milestone has been met, but there are now other issues, namely: Is the supply adequate and how are fleets dealing with storage? FE will be addressing these questions in the May issue.

Equipment Technology

Engine Filtration

Proper engine filtration is key to optimum performance, and never has that been more true that with the newer, hotter burning EGR diesel engines. FE looks at filter technology and provides valuable insights to filter performance and maintenance.

Fleet Profile

Truckload Carrier

The changing demands for truckload (TL) carriers means they must optimize vehicle specification and maintenance to keep trucks on the road and remain profitable. FE talks with one TL fleet that has mastered this process.

Spec’ing for…

Resale – Onboard monitoring systems

Onboard component monitoring technology continues to grow in sophistications and effiecincy. While the upfront cost of these systems is slowly coming down, the benefits and flexibility is increasing. FE takes a look at the systems and options – and the management data – they provide.


Best Practices: Tricks of the Trade

Don’t miss our new fleet manager spotlight feature, written by senior editor, Bruce Adams.



Peterbilt-Model-579-Next-Generation-Hero-Image Peterbilt-Model-579-Next-Generation-Hero-Image


Peterbilt unveils the next generation of its Model 579

Meritor-14XE-electric-truck-axles Meritor-14XE-electric-truck-axles


Meritor to begin commercial truck electric powertrain production

Hyliion heavy-duty trucking sustainability Hyliion heavy-duty trucking sustainability


Hyliion’s CEO talks sustainable truck equipment choices

Kenworth T680-next-gen-truck-1400 Kenworth T680-next-gen-truck-1400


Kenworth details the next generation T680 on-highway truck

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