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Maximize Uptime with Next-Day Shipment of CV Driveshafts

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When a commercial vehicle is down with a damaged or failed driveshaft, you want to calculate the loss of profits and productivity in hours—not days or weeks. While preventative maintenance and being alert to warning signs can help avoid driveline-related emergencies, even the toughest driveshafts can eventually fail due to harsh operating conditions and severe duty cycles. Seeking out a service that offers quick delivery of the parts you need can support profitability and smooth operation, allowing for prompt replacement of a driveshaft in the most efficient way possible.

Every fleet manager, driver, and CV technician knows that a heavy-duty vehicle is only as reliable as its driveshaft. Anticipating a failure is far preferable to a roadside crisis, so make sure that no details are overlooked during routine driveline inspections. For example, technicians should be attentive when searching for loose fasteners or loose end yoke nuts. Checking for slip yoke spline wear by moving the shaft and evaluating the amount of movement is also important.

Driveshaft deterioration may be detected on the road rather than in the shop if drivers know what to look for. Common indicators of a failing driveshaft include a clunking noise when shifting, shuddering when accelerating, a squeaking noise when at low speeds, and a feeling of forceful shaking and vibration from underneath the vehicle. While issues with the tires can also cause vibration problems, these are generally speed-sensitive. In the case of a damaged driveshaft, the shaft may move outside of its typical rotational path, creating imbalance and vibration.

Even with preventive maintenance programs and vigilant drivers, crucial parts like driveshafts age, wear down, and eventually require replacement. And when a vehicle is sidelined, the downtime can cost a fleet hundreds of dollars each day—and those figures add up quickly. So, fleet managers need dependable access to quickly available replacement parts.

Selecting and utilizing a service that will ship a replacement driveshaft within one business day of ordering can tremendously reduce the total cost of downtime. An ideal fast-turnaround replacement driveshaft solution will provide world-class driveshaft assemblies that feature warranty coverage. The best of these programs will offer a simple ordering process and fast, trackable delivery with firm timing.

One option that fulfills all these requirements is the Spicer ReadyShaft™ Program. Spicer ReadyShaft™ offers fully assembled driveshafts that are built to order with Genuine Spicer® parts. Free, next-day shipment means that commercial vehicles can get back on the road quickly. This service can help save valuable time while eliminating the cost of stocking replacement driveshafts and accessories. Spicer ReadyShaft™ is part of Dana’s strategic initiative to drive uptime through next-day services that support accelerated vehicle service times and efficient inventory management.

A driveshaft failure will likely include up-front expenses such as a vehicle tow, replacement of related truck components, and the labor to remove the broken parts and install the new driveshaft. Don’t let days or weeks of lost revenue add to the mounting costs. Opt for a program with next-day shipment of complete commercial vehicle driveshaft assemblies, and keep your business moving profitably forward.

This article was sponsored by Dana Incorporated.


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