Morgan Truck Body Unveils 'NEO' proof-of-concept body innovations

Morgan Truck Body Unveils ‘NEO’ proof-of-concept body innovations

It comes off the heels of last year’s first-phase concept body that introduced lighter-weight materials and situational awareness elements, many of which are now available.

Morgan Truck Body, manufacturer of light- and medium-duty freight and refrigerated van and truck bodies in North America, provided an up-close look at its proof-of-concept body, NEO, during NTEA Work Truck Week. The NEO proof-of-concept body (POC), shown on Navistar’s International eMV Series chassis, represents the next step of Morgan’s product to achieve extended range, improved aerodynamics, and a lighter-weight dry-freight body.

“During development of the NEO POC body, we worked from the ground up by designing new structural profiles, refining materials and enhancing construction and mounting methods,” says Corby Stover, interim president, chief operating officer, vice president, engineering, Morgan Truck Body. “We appreciated collaborating with Navistar to integrate its electric chassis on this exciting concept vehicle. Our goal is to improve our customer experience by gaining valuable feedback about NEO so we can incorporate the features customers want and need into our evolving designs.”

The 24-foot-long NEO POC body is built on a lightweight aluminum sub-frame, nearly 40% lighter than a standard sheet and post or FRP body, the company noted. Improved aerodynamics, including an aerodynamic roof, coupled with lower weight, results in extended range. The NEO POC body includes:

  • Ergonomic enhancements to assist operators;
  • Improved safety with a lateral protection device that is hinged for under-vehicle access and outfitted with aerodynamic side skirts;
  • Powered rear overhead door with active remote control and EAVX’s automated VX Control passive entry and exit system;
  • Morgan SA 3.0 Situational Awareness Package with camera and sensors for improved visibility, pedestrian protection, and distracted driver awareness; and
  • Lighter body to increase available payload.

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