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The Importance of Validation in the DPF Cleaning and Restoration Process

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Recently we heard an individual refer to a DPF as a sealed trash can. At Ceramex, we can identify with that definition since it is impossible to see how full it is. As a result, the tendency is to keep pumping ash into them until they will not take any more. Unfortunately, when the trash can reaches that point, you may have potentially expensive problems in front of you.

Impact of Poor DPF Performance

It is common knowledge that when the DPF becomes full of ash and soot all types of problems can and will occur, including the following:

  • Unexpected regeneration frequency.
  • Increased backpressure that can damage upstream components.
  • Increased vehicle downtime due to complete DPF failure.
  • Reduced fuel economy.
  • Need for more expensive replacements.

The bottom line is a huge negative impact on the bottom line! Obviously, none of us can afford or want to encounter any of the above, so what is the best way to avoid overfilling the trash can and maximizing vehicle performance?

Air Cleans

Due to the acceptance of a cleaning technology that was initially promoted by various OEMs and accepted by the industry, little focus was placed on the results produced by typical air cleans. Most everyone assumed that if my cleaning provider tells me it was cleaned, then it must be true, no questions asked!

Unbeknownst to the customer, in many cases their filter(s) was being returned to them up to 50% dirty, denying them of all the benefits associated with being provided a totally clean filter. Most everyone simply accepted the air clean was the ticket, since it was advocated by OEMs and adopted by dealers everywhere. The perception was “cheap and quick” and seemed a winning combination.

Unfortunately, this proved to be untrue. As the market has evolved even the OEMs have begun to acknowledge that air cleans are potentially damaging to the DPF. If consistently used, air cleans will steal from the life of the DPF and create many of the problems mentioned earlier in this article.

How Do I Know My Filters are Clean?

Unfortunately, air cleaners cannot accurately answer that question for you. They typically provide general data, or a range of numbers based on back-pressure. Back-pressure is not a reliable or true indicator of how much actual ash remains in your filter. Some cleaners will also use before and after filter weight, but again, the weighing cannot accurately tell you how much ash is remaining. It is possible your air cleaned filter may still retain over a pound of ash, which will rob you of the performance you expect, deserve, and have paid for!

The Ceramex Solution—We are a Problem Solver!
95%+ Performance/100% Validation

With Ceramex, you get a proven clean/restoration and the supporting validation to prove it! Ceramex has been cleaning/restoring DPF filters for many years. We continue to provide our OEM customers with restored DPF filters that are guaranteed to perform at 95%+ the original OEM filter potential. In addition, Ceramex provides 100% Veritex validation on every DPF filter that is restored and provides visual proof via their Veritex validation. No more guessing, no more assumptions, no more being robbed of the value you thought you were already receiving with air cleans!

The cleaning/restoration process is critical, but Ceramex validation is the differentiator. Ceramex Veritex validation uses a combination of light and infrared light to photograph the entire substrate of the restored DPF after it has been through the various restoration stations at Ceramex. Isn’t it time to say no to 50% air cleans and yes to the Ceramex 95%+ Performance and 100% Validation guarantee?

Ceramex Veritex Black and White Imaging Is Shown Below:

Ceramex Veritex Color Imaging Shown Below:

Don’t You Deserve 95%+ Clean? Register for the Ceramex Challenge!

Let us prove what we can do for you and receive up to $1,000 in free Ceramex DPF restoration! Visit or contact Tom Choate at [email protected] to find out more.

This article was sponsored by Ceramex North America.


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