Trucker Tools to implement full stack integration with Turvo

Trucker Tools to implement full stack integration with Turvo

Trucker Tools announced that it is implementing a full-stack integration with Turvo, provider of a collaboration application designed for the supply chain. The integration will enable Turvo customers to utilize the full suite of Trucker Tools Smart Capacity broker productivity, truckload capacity planning and execution, visibility and carrier relationship management tools. Turvo offers a modern, cloud-based TMS with a collaboration layer built-in to connect brokers, 3PLs, carriers, and shippers in a single social-media like network. Turvo helps unify systems, people, and processes to more efficiently plan, execute and settle, and provide complete visibility down to the end customer.

With the integration of Trucker Tools, Turvo will be able to offer its customers seamless access to three proven digital freight management offerings, focused on streamlining interactions and business processes for brokers with truckload freight providers. Those include:

• Predictive Freight Matching: Provides real-time capacity visibility and streamlined workflows to analyze, present and secure load matches for participating carriers, dramatically reducing broker time and effort to cover a load. The software considers real-time factors and historical data to rank and present loads, considering the carrier’s profile and preferences, current or soon-to-arrive location and proximity to nearby loads. It also considers where the carrier is going next, using that intelligence combined with powerful algorithms to identify and rank future available reloads, enabling brokers to efficiently set up and manage multiple leg moves for carriers.

• Book it Now: Automates the process by which a load is offered and accepted between carrier and broker. Carriers can view accurate, real-time available loads on their smartphone, including pricing, and if it’s a match for the trucker, do one-click load acceptance and confirmation. Manual booking, phone calls, emails, and texts with brokers are eliminated.

• Real-time Shipment Visibility: Provides an automated, real-time feed of shipment tracking data to Turvo’s TMS via the Trucker Tools mobile app on the driver’s smartphone. Utilizing the phone’s embedded GPS capability, accurate location updates are sent as frequently as every five minutes. Turvo users see the information presented as a graphic, visual ‘bread crumb’ display, mapping the shipment in real-time from pickup to delivery, providing a continually updated estimated time of arrival.

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