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Velociti rolls out ROI Calculator for technology deployments


Global provider of technology deployment services, Velociti Inc., has announced the availability of its new ROI–Savings Calculator. The online tool provides fleets with a clear indication of cost savings and faster return on investment possible by using experienced technicians and project management specialists for the installation and implementation of a variety of transportation technologies.

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“There has been tremendous growth in transportation technology deployments in the past few years,” said Deryk Powell, president of Velociti, Inc. “At the same time, fleets need to fully understand the cost of using their own technicians and shops to implement those solutions. Our new ROI-Savings Calculator lets them easily see how using Velociti, while their maintenance department concentrates on keeping today’s complex trucks running efficiently, can save money and generate a much faster return on their technology investment.”

The Velociti ROI–Savings Calculator uses data on fleet size, monthly savings expected per unit, labor cost to install a technology, and the anticipated installation timeframe. The tool then generates the additional savings that can be realized by using Velociti’s rapid installation, deployment and project management services for the entire fleet.


“The pursuit of fuel savings is probably the single most common driver for technology adoption,” Powell stated. “We commonly see solutions that can provide a fleet anywhere from $50 to $250 in fuel savings, per unit, per month. Every day that passes without the technology is a missed opportunity to realize those savings. We developed our ROI-Savings Calculator to make it easy to quantify the value of our rapid technology deployment capability.

“While an installation may seem simple and fleet technicians may have the skills to do the work effectively, managing the project is time consuming,” Powell added. “The time taken to deploy a technology has a major effect on the financial results of the investment. Additionally, using internal resources impacts shop productivity. Our new ROI-Savings Calculator shows exactly how a turnkey solution can save time and money.”



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