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TMW Systems has announced the integration of its TMWSuite transportation management software with the Omnitracs DriverWorkflow 2.0 telematics solution. Users of the integrated solutions can now provide an interactive driver experience while receiving accurate, timely information for streamlined back-office operations and improved customer service, according to the companies.

Available to carriers using TMWSuite software in conjunction with the latest version (16.20) of the TotalMail application, Omnitracs Workflow 2.0 simplifies driver tasks by eliminating the need to toggle between multiple screens to complete common processes. The solution, according to the company, also provides automated arrival and departure notifications, forms processing and dispatch software integration, ensuring faster delivery of accurate information to the back office and customer. Customized circle-of-service forms streamline a variety of route-, customer- and/or fleet-specific tasks, further enhancing driver satisfaction and improving operational efficiency, the company said.

“The integration of TMWSuite and Workflow 2.0 provides a seamless experience for both the driver and dispatch personnel,” said David Wangler, president of TMW Systems. “We now provide a much more enriched user experience that saves time, reduces accuracy issues and contributes to increased customer satisfaction.”

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