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Expediting Collision Repairs with Electronic Estimating


The top priority for any fleet operation or commercial equipment repair center is to keep vehicles where they belong—on the road. Routine scheduled maintenance will go a long way in achieving this goal, but when an accident occurs and takes a commercial vehicle out of action, getting it rolling again in a timely manner is essential.

The good news is a growing number of fleet operators and commercial collision centers are employing electronic estimating solutions that help get vehicles up and running as quickly as possible and making money.

While the traditional manual estimating process is typically filled with time-consuming research, paperwork and repetitive steps, automated estimating programs can more quickly and accurately create estimates to speed the repair process and reduce downtime—a competitive advantage that any organization charged with making collision repairs should consider. 

A prime example of today’s advanced estimating solutions is the PPG ADJUSTRITE® commercial estimating system. By utilizing proprietary logic and a comprehensive database of parts for heavy- and medium-duty makes and models, this “point ‘n click” system produces accurate, detailed estimates with the unique ability to consider the overall repair process and account for things that can easily be missed with a manual method. As an example, the system can automatically adjust for overlap, included operations, additional operations, and all parts and materials associated with the repair. This ability can help eliminate delays and assist in recovering the full cost of performing the repair. 

One of many time-saving benefits that users appreciate is the ability to source, price and order parts online, right within the PPG AdjustRite system—substantially reducing phone calls to vendors and awaiting callbacks.  

“I can’t overstate the significant role an accurate, detailed repair estimate plays in getting a vehicle quickly back on the road and making money,” says Doug Orr, PPG AdjustRite manager. “Once there’s an estimate, repairs can be authorized, parts can be ordered, work can begin and claims can be settled. Without it, none of this happens. And that’s the beauty of an automated estimating system. It provides fleet operations, and commercial collision repair centers with fast, accurate estimates to expedite repairs.”

Another essential attribute of the PPG AdjustRite system and similar estimating programs centers on the issue of subrogation and loss recovery when an accident occurs and the other party is at fault. This is especially beneficial for fleet operations that perform repairs in-house. 

“When you can provide an insurance company with a clean, concise and professional looking estimate, it can make a big difference in quickly resolving subrogation matters,” says Orr. “A quality estimating program like the PPG AdjustRite system has this functionality.”

Throughout the commercial truck industry, a growing number of fleet operators and commercial repair facilities are switching out their manual or “homegrown” estimating systems with the advanced electronic systems of today—and for good reason. With the ability to quickly create accurate estimates that help speed decisions, streamline repairs, and improve the overall claims and loss recovery process, it looks like advanced offerings such as the PPG AdjustRite commercial estimating system are here for the long haul.

Learn more about the PPG AdjustRite estimating system >

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