FleetDrive 360 joins the Truckstop Partner Marketplace

FleetDrive 360 joins the Truckstop Partner Marketplace

Driver qualification files; drug and alcohol clearinghouse information; vehicle maintenance documents; and accident reports are available in the platform.

FleetDrive 360, a provider of a cloud-based solution for managing driver qualifications and compliance, announced that it has joined the Truckstop Partner Marketplace.

FleetDrive 360 on the Truckstop Partner Marketplace is listed under the Compliance & Safety, Background Screening and Process Automation product categories. The system allows users to access and maintain: driver qualification files; drug and alcohol clearinghouse information; vehicle maintenance documents; and accident reports. The platform also enables API connections for integration with existing transportation management systems and human resource platforms, the company says.

“Managing compliance to ensure driver qualifications is critically important,” said Nic Salis, COO at FleetDrive 360. “There is not only a legal obligation to comply with the Code of Federal Regulations for driver fitness and avoid penalties, fines, and potential legal and financial liability, there is a responsibility to ensure safety.” 

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