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Legacy Building Solutions offers tension fabric buildings for fleet operations


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Combining rigid-frame engineering with the benefits of tension fabric membranes can offer customizable structures, including vehicle maintenance facilities, commercial and industrial warehousing, equipment and bulk material storage, according to Legacy Building Solutions. Legacy fabric buildings utilize a durable rigid frame in place of the hollow-tube, open web truss “hoop” framing traditionally used for fabric structures. The strength of the structural steel frame provides several engineering advantages, most notably the ability to easily customize buildings to the exact width, length and height required, the company noted in a press release. In addition to long clear spans, the buildings have straight sidewalls that maximize the useable square footage inside the structure.

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The design allows for much more structural flexibility, including the ability to add lean-tos, mezzanine and sidewall doors. The structures are also engineered to provide desired overhangs or handle additional loads for items such as sprinklers and conveyors, the company stated. Legacy’s solid structural steel I-beams are not vulnerable to unseen corrosion originating inside a tube, the company noted. Additionally, there are multiple coating options available for all steel components, including epoxy paint, hot dip galvanizing, primer and powder coat paint.

A variety of fabrics are available, including 27-oz. ExxoTecElite and 19-oz. ExxoTec Pro, both of which are PVC fabrics. The fabric allows natural light to permeate the structure during daytime hours, while insulation and liners can be added to meet energy codes or satisfy customer specifications.


Installation is up to three times faster than with conventional buildings, and the design can be adjusted for stationary or portable applications, according to Legacy. Sidewalls can be customized and built with any desired material — including steel, concrete or stone — and then easily lined with fabric to prevent corrosion to the interior, or to create a seamless look for occupied buildings. Legacy steel components and fabric covers are backed by a comprehensive warranty.



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