NACV day one: News from the show floor

NACV day one: News from the show floor

NACFE Run on Less Results 10 MPG Trucks Resized

Check out the news roundup from day one at NACV, and then bookmark this link for daily updates:

1. NACFE ‘Run on Less’ achieves 10 MPG average, conquers real-world challenges

Run on Less, a cross-country road show to showcase fuel efficient truck technology and equipment, announced an average of more than 10 MPG in real world conditions hauling real world freight. The seven participating trucks drove a combined 50,107 miles during the seventeen day event which kicked off on September 6. They achieved a cumulative average of 10.1 MPG during 99 days of driving. Find out more about the run here.

2. Eaton Cummins joint venture debuts its automated transmission

Eaton Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies introduced the new Endurant 12-speed automated transmission, a 1,850 lb.-ft. capable heavy-duty transmission. Designed for linehaul applications, Endurant weighs up to 105 lbs. less than competitive automated manual transmissions (AMTs). Read more details here.

3. Cummins highlights upcoming X12 engine, additional technology

At the North American Commercial Vehicle show, Cummins offered a glimpse into its product road map with its super-efficient diesel engines (the X12 and X15) that are paired with the Eaton Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies Endurant transmission. The lighter-weight X12 engine is engineered for performance and power while offering increased fuel economy through the use of advanced air handling and fuel system controls. It utilizes the compact Single Module Aftertreatment. Cummins also unveiled details around the next heavy-duty 15 liter engine for 2022, which affirms the company’s commitment to providing power solution for Class 8 line haul trucks. Read more here.

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