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Podcast: How the coronavirus is affecting the truck market

Fleets and OEMs will not be immune to the economic impacts of the current situation.

Managing Editor of Fleet Equipment Magazine


In today’s episode of the Fleet Future podcast, we look at the economic outlook for the trucking industry in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. Trucks have to keep rolling through all of this—someone’s got to bring those groceries to the stores and those deliveries to people’s homes—but the fleets and OEMs will not be immune to the economic impacts of the current situation.

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In this episode, I’m joined by Tim Denoyer, vice president and senior analyst with ACT Research, who talked about the impact the coronavirus is having on the tracking industry. Later in the episode, Don Ake, vice president of commercial vehicles for FTR, filled me in on the latest projections for the industry and for the economy as a whole. Listen below.



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