Make truck tire replacement and repairs match your schedule

Make truck tire replacement and repairs match your schedule

Fleets are essential; we didn’t need a pandemic to tell us that. However, being an essential business doesn’t mean business is easy. Budgets are still tight, and all of your biggest service headaches—most notably tires—still need to be replaced and maintained to get the most out of your trucks out on the road. Tire replacement and repairs can take your trucks out of service for hours or even days; ain’t nobody got time for that.

Enter a new partnership between Wrench, a mobile vehicle maintenance and repair business that says it brings dealer-quality service directly to consumers and fleet managers, and Tirescanner, an online tire retailer and mobile tire installation service, who are now, together, offering on-demand mobile tire installation to fleet vehicles.

Through this partnership, Wrench technicians have access to Tirescanner’s nationwide network of mobile tire vans, giving fleets next-day install scheduling of any brand of tire for most fleet vehicles at the driver’s home or a place convenient to them.

“This convenience and flexibility means less time off the road and more time saved,” says Michael Welch, chief executive officer of Tirescanner. “We are cognizant that for fleets time is very much money, so our ability to not only schedule, but to implement an install within 24 hours ensures that fleet vehicles are back on the road making money without major impact.”

A mobile tire scheduling service isn’t a new concept, but Wrench and Tirescanner say this partnership is different due to the individual attention the companies are promising fleets.

“Mobile installation allows for dedicated attention by technicians solely focused on your job, and your job only,” Welch says. “With all of our fleet-related accounts, we offer a dedicated account manager to ensure all needs are met.”

“Additionally,” adds Casey Willis, co-founder and vice president of business development at Wrench, “Wrench’s technicians are ASE-certified and employed directly by Wrench, meaning customers can trust that they are getting the best price with the best service and full transparency.”

Willis says Tirescanner’s local and mobile installers allow Wrench’s fleet customers to choose from the “widest range of tire buying and installation options at the best prices,” so fleets don’t have to settle for tires they don’t want.

“They can schedule at their convenience while the vehicle is typically out of circulation and the service takes an hour or two vs. being left at another facility for a day or two,” Willis says.

Both companies say they are making improvements within the next year to improve the service further. Welch says Tirescanner will be expanding its number of mobile tire installation vans to more locations across the country, and Willis says Wrench is currently developing the next version of software that will make bulk vehicle service management easier online or through the company’s mobile app.

“TireScanner and Wrench see the world the same way,” Willis says. “We both value the consumer experience that the review cycle is booked into every single job and you will have dedicated account management along with our advanced technology for the best customer experience.”

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