Buying trucks with resale in mind

Buying trucks with resale in mind

Kenworth ICON 900
The Kenworth ICON 900.

“In addition to cab and sleeper comfort features, fleets can add to resale value with a wide range of spec’ing choices appealing to typical used truck buyers,” Jason Spence, Volvo Trucks product marketing manager-long haul “Within the powertrain, these features include the Volvo I-Shift automated manual transmission, higher horsepower and torque ratings for Volvo engines, higher engine displacement, engine brakes and axle controls. Popular exterior features include polished aluminum wheels, full aerodynamic packages, LED lighting and a sliding fifth wheel. Advanced safety systems such as Volvo Enhanced Cruise with Active Braking and Volvo Lane Departure Warning, also typically add value. Like the I-Shift and aerodynamic packages, auxiliary power units, which reduce engine idling, are another example of a popular feature for resale that can benefit the original fleet owner through lower fuel costs.”

Kurt Swihart, Kenworth’s marketing director, names that some of the current features fleets can add to increase the resale value of Kenworth trucks, including a 500-HP, 1,850 lb.-ft. of torque PACCAR MX-13 engine rating (higher HP ratings have higher resale value), a 76-in. high and mid-roof sleeper options, Kenworth Driver Performance Assistant and Predictive Cruise Control to increase fuel economy, HID headlamps, polished fuel tanks, aluminum wheels, and the new Kenworth ICON 900. In addition, Kenworth offers the Diamond VIT interior, upper bunk, rotating table, rotating passenger seat, available cabinets and storage space, TV mount, grab handles mounted on both the A and B pillars, overall dash layout and ergonomics, and premium leather seats, Swihart notes.

Day cab conversions

“Peterbilt offers discrete detachable sleepers allowing second or third owners to convert sleeper trucks to day cabs efficiently and cost effectively,” Gansle contends. “This adds versatility to the vehicle and opens it up to more potential applications. Additionally, Peterbilt dealers offer conversion kits for further convenience and cost effectiveness.”

While Freightliner does not have a direct offering to fleets for converting sleepers to day cabs, there are companies that specialize in making these types of conversions for fleet customers. Freightliner supports the modification companies with information on the Cascadia product that they require to successfully complete the modification as well as facilitates relationships between the modification companies and fleets, where needed.

“Day cab conversions from sleepers are typically handled by the fleet working directly with their Mack dealer, and Mack offers a panel and component kit used in the conversion process,” Mack’s Russoli says. “This conversion is best employed when fleets have a change of application for the sleeper truck and intend to keep the ‘newly made’ day cab in their fleet for a longer term.”

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